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Kantin Review: Is This Singapore’s Best Kept Food Secret? – Must Try Bornean Restaurant in Jewel

Believe it or not, our latest food adventure wasn’t even a detour – it was right smack in the middle of Changi Airport! Level five of Jewel Changi to be precise. For those expecting overpriced bland food, you are mistaken! Kantin isn’t your typical airport eatery, stepping inside is like entering a lush Bornean rainforest.

IMG 3477.heir

At Kantin, Rattan furniture and tribal motifs mingle with cascading greenery, and the open-concept space feels positively sun-dappled thanks to the Rain Vortex. It’s the kind of place that makes you forget you’re about to catch a flight and instead yearn to explore a hidden jungle paradise.

IMG 3450

Amazing Bornean Cuisine

Kantin Review

The menu itself is like a passport to Borneo’s culinary delights. We had to try the Headhunter Pansuh Set (S$32.00)– a fragrant bamboo-cooked chicken dish that practically whispered stories of the island’s rich history with every delicious bite.

The fragrant bamboo-cooked chicken was incredibly flavourful, the meat falling off the bone and redolent of exotic spices. To cleanse the palate, we opted for the Umai Jellyfish. The refreshingly tangy and slightly crunchy jellyfish was a delightful contrast, while the accompanying lime and chili dip added a welcome zing. Our foray into Borneo’s plant life came with the Rebung and Paku. The fiddlehead ferns (Paku) offered a delightful snap, their grassy notes perfectly complementing the bamboo shoots (Rebung) with their earthy undertones. It was a textural flavour explosion that left us wanting more.

IMG 3558

Craving a taste of the rainforest itself? The Rainforest Fried Rice is a vibrant vegetarian culmination of colours and textures. Imagine tender vegetables, perfectly-cooked rice and a symphony of spices – it’s like the jungle floor itself got reimagined on a plate.

Imagine this: fluffy rice, warm from the wok with a hint of smoky goodness, cradling a bunch of colorful veggies. Then came the surprise – cauliflower florets! Not mushy at all, but with a delightful bite that popped with sweetness. And the spices? Oh man, they were like an orchestra, all playing together and leaving this warm, happy feeling on my tongue long after the last bite.

IMG 3561

Speaking of seafood, the Sotong Bakar is a must for any squid lover. The smoky char from the grill infused every bite with a deep, complex flavour, perfectly complementing the inherent sweetness and satisfying chew of the squid itself, which was cooked to the dot.

IMG 3578

Their drink selection truly captured the essence of Borneo. Alongside the Three Sour Crush (A Must Try!) and Kantin Kaffeine, I must mention the Sarawak Teh C. This wasn’t your average milk tea. Instead, it boasted a smooth and creamy texture infused with the subtle sweetness of Gula Apong, the native Bornean palm sugar. It was a delightful way to experience a local ingredient and a refreshing end to our flavorful journey through Bornean cuisine.

Kitchen Sponge Surprise!

IMG 3595

Ever wondered what the filthy sponge sitting in your kitchen sink tastes like? Don’t worry you won’t gag with this amazing April Fools’ surprise by Kantin! It is a lemon sponge cake, which tastes above par I must say, playfully drizzled with a secret sauce from a dishwashing bottle! Be sure to try this out, or play a prank on your unsuspecting friends and family!

Kantin: A Unique Experience You Cannot Miss!

IMG 3564

One thing’s for certain: Kantin isn’t messing around with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Every bite bursts with bold flavours that put the usual airport fare to shame. It’s an exciting adventure for your taste buds, a symphony of textures and spices that truly sings of Borneo’s rich culinary heritage. Be prepared to have your taste buds tested by something truly unique – you might just find yourself booking a return flight to explore the real rainforests after this!

Kantin Singapore Location

Be sure to check out their website.

Jewel Changi

78 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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