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Latest Birds of a Feather Menu, Prices & Outlets Singapore 2024

Birds of a Feather in Singapore is a contemporary restaurant that seamlessly blends the bold flavours of Sichuan cuisine with a modern, Western dining experience. Located in the heart of the bustling Amoy Street, this stylish eatery offers a unique gastronomic adventure, inviting diners to explore the rich and diverse tastes of China’s Sichuan province in an elegant and innovative setting. With its sophisticated ambiance and inventive Birds of a feather menu, it has quickly become a favourite among food enthusiasts seeking a fusion of tradition and modernity.

About Birds of a Feather

Established in 2016 by Cheng Hsin Yao and George Yeo, Birds of a Feather was inspired by the founders’ desire to introduce the vibrant and complex flavors of Sichuan cuisine to Singapore, presented with a contemporary twist. The restaurant’s name reflects the idea of bringing people together, much like birds flocking together, to enjoy delicious food and good company. From its inception, Birds of a Feather has been committed to delivering an elevated dining experience, meticulously blending authentic Sichuan ingredients and cooking techniques with modern culinary practices. This dedication to innovation and quality has earned the restaurant a loyal following and critical acclaim.

Birds of a Feather’s menu features an array of signature dishes that showcase the depth and versatility of Sichuan flavors. Popular items include the Spicy Oriental Bolognaise, a unique take on the classic Italian dish with a Sichuan twist, and the Find the Chicken in the Chillies, which offers a playful and flavourful exploration of traditional spicy Sichuan chicken. An interesting fact about Birds of a Feather is its emphasis on creating a multi-sensory dining experience, where the aesthetic presentation of dishes and the stylish interior design complement the bold and intricate flavors on the plate.

This holistic approach to dining ensures that every visit to Birds of a Feather is not only a culinary delight but also a feast for the senses, making it a standout destination in Singapore’s dynamic food scene.

Birds of a Feather Must Trys

Birds of a Feather Menu

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Birds of a Feather Menu
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Birds of a Feather Menu with Prices


Menu Prices
Bang BangS$ 14.00
Sweet Vinegar Brussel Sprout (V)S$ 17.00
Avocado and Crab BruschettaS$ 18.00
Find the Chicken in the ChilliesS$ 19.00
Yu Xiang Eggplant (V)S$ 17.00
Birds SkewerS$ 24.00
Pork DumplingS$ 17.00
Fried Japanese Purple Sweet Potato (V)S$ 9.00


Birds Garden (V)S$ 24.00
Burratine & Tomato (V)S$ 26.00
Spicy Good Slime ShineS$ 25.00
Strange Flavour PrawnS$ 42.00
Truffle Orecchiette AlfredoS$ 35.00
Barramundi ChazukeS$ 34.00
Oriental BolognaiseS$ 26.00
Birds Mapo TofuS$ 27.00


Menu Prices 
Loup De Mer (600g – 700g)S$ 89.00
Homestyle Braised Pork BellyS$ 58.00
Slow Roasted Sichuan Short ribsS$ 88.00
Angus OP RIBSS$ 18.0


Menu Prices 
Pear & JellyS$ 18.00
Jasmine Green TeaS$ 15.00
Glutinous Rice Cake RockS$ 17.00
Le RoyaleS$ 14.00


Menu Prices 
Little Creatures, Pale Ale, AustraliaS$ 13.00
Draft Brewerkz, Golden Ale, SingaporeS$ 12.00
Draft Brewerkz, Golden Ale, SingaporeS$ 17.00

Birds of a Feather Delivery

Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

Birds of a Feather Outlets, Locations, & Opening Hours Singapore

Below are the locations in Singapore and their website.

Amoy Street

115 Amoy St
Singapore 069935
Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Fri – Sat 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Sun 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions About Birds of a Feather

What type of cuisine does Birds of a Feather serve?

Birds of a Feather offers a unique blend of Sichuan-inspired Western cuisine, combining bold Sichuan flavors with modern Western culinary techniques.

What are some must-try dishes at Birds of a Feather?

Some must-try dishes include the “Find the Chicken in the Chillies,” “Hot and Sour Chazuke,” and their signature “Silk Road Chilli Chicken.” These dishes showcase the restaurant’s innovative take on Sichuan cuisine.

Does Birds of a Feather offer vegetarian or gluten-free options?

Yes, Birds of a Feather provides vegetarian options, and some dishes can be modified to accommodate gluten-free diets. It’s advisable to inform the staff of any dietary restrictions when ordering.

Can I make reservations at Birds of a Feather?

Yes, reservations can be made online through their website or by calling the restaurant directly. Booking in advance is recommended, especially for weekends and peak dining hours.

Is Birds of a Feather Halal certified?

No, Birds of a Feather is not Halal certified. They serve a variety of dishes that include pork and other non-Halal ingredients.

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