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    Latest Blu Kouzina Menu Prices & Outlets 2024

    Nestled amidst the vibrant culinary scene of Singapore, Blu Kouzina stands as a culinary gem that will transport your taste buds on an unforgettable Greek odyssey. With a rich history rooted in authentic Greek cuisine, this delightful restaurant offers a tantalizing blend of flavors and a warm Mediterranean ambiance. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure as Blu Kouzina serves up a delightful array of traditional Greek dishes, heavenly desserts, and refreshing beverages.

    About Blu Kouzina

    Blu Kouzina, a renowned Greek restaurant, originated from a small family-run eatery in Athens, Greece. In 2010, it ventured to Singapore, captivating diners with its authentic Greek cuisine. Led by executive chef Dennis and his wife Effie, Blu Kouzina sources premium ingredients directly from Greece, ensuring the true essence of Greek flavors. Their menu showcases a diverse array of traditional dishes, prepared with time-honored techniques and genuine Greek ingredients. With its warm ambiance and commitment to authenticity, Blu Kouzina has become a cherished destination for those seeking an extraordinary Greek dining experience in the heart of Singapore.

    Blu Kouzina Must Trys

    Blu Kouzina Menu

    Blu Kouzina Menu

    Blu Kouzina Menu With Prices

    Value Meals

    Artichoke Salad + Chicken SkewerS$ 22.20
    Dakos Salad + Chicken SkewerS$ 18.72
    Earth Salad + Chicken SkewerS$ 21.70
    Greek Salad + Chicken SkewerS$ 26.90
    Santorini Salad + Chicken SkewerS$ 24.60

    Meal Platter

    Meat Platter (Large)S$ 231.97
    Meat Platter (Medium)S$ 118.56
    Meat Platter (Small)S$ 62.91

    Blu’s Homemade Dips

    3 Bean Dip | Tria FasoliaS$ 15.84
    Cod Roe Dip | TaramosalataS$ 17.98
    Eggplant Dip | MelitzanosalataS$ 17.97
    Harissa DipS$ 16.91
    Hummus DipS$ 16.91
    Labna DipS$ 16.80
    Olive DipS$ 15.80
    Pita BreadS$ 4.46
    Spicy Cheese Dip | TirokafteriS$ 19.05
    Wholegrain KoulouriS$ 4.07
    Yellow Lentil Dip FavaS$ 15.84
    Yogurt Dip | TzatzikiS$ 16.91

    Hot Mezes

    Baked Spinach Pie | Spanakopita (2 Pieces)S$ 17.98
    Beef SoutzoukakiaS$ 14.77
    Bourgiourdi (Vegetarian)S$ 20.12
    Corn CobS$ 14.77
    Egg KapamaS$ 16.91
    Egg StrapatsadaS$ 12.00
    Feta PsitiS$ 20.12
    Feta SaganakiS$ 21.19
    French Fries | Patates TiganitesS$ 12.37
    Fried ArtichokesS$ 15.84
    Grilled VegetablesS$ 12.80
    Imam Baldi (Vegetarian)S$ 20.38
    Lamb Meatballs (4 Pieces)S$ 15.84
    Lamb SoutzoukakiaS$ 17.98
    Meatballs | Keftedes (4 Pieces)S$ 13.70
    Meatballs | Keftedes (8 Pieces)S$ 20.12
    Oven Roasted Lemon PotatoesS$ 14.77
    Pita Bread (Vegetarian)S$ 4.17
    Polytiki FetaS$ 20.12
    TiganopsomoS$ 17.98
    Zucchini Patties | KolokithokeftedesS$ 21.19

    Cold Mezes

    Carrot SticksS$ 6.21
    Cucumber SticksS$ 6.21
    Feta 200 gram in BrineS$ 14.66
    Greek OlivesS$ 11.56
    Small Stuffed Red Pepper (8 Pieces)S$13.70
    Stuffed Vine Leaves | Dolmades (3 Pieces)S$14.77
    Stuffed Vine Leaves | Dolmades (6 Pieces)S$ 24.40


    Artichoke SaladS$ 27.60
    Crete Salad | Dakos SaladS$ 17.80
    Earth SaladS$ 26.54
    Greek Salad | HoriatikiS$ 19.05
    Santorini SaladS$ 32.96
    Watermelon SaladS$ 20.12

    Kebab Platter

    Kebab Platter (Large)S$ 134.61
    Kebab Platter (Medium)S$ 70.41
    Kebab Platter (Small)S$ 38.31

    Beef Dishes | Kreatika

    Small Beef Skewer (1 per piece)S$ 14.08
    Filet MignonS$ 63.99
    Blu Kouzina Cheese Burger | Bifteki Me Tiri Stin SharaS$ 29.75
    Beef Wrap | Souvlaki Me PitaS$ 25.47
    Beef Patty | Bifteki Stin SxaraS$ 17.98
    Beef KalamakiS$ 23.32

    Lamb | Arni

    Lamb Chops | Paidakia Stin SharaS$ 42.58

    Vegetarian – Mains

    GemistaS$ 31.89
    Greek Cheese Wrap | Talagani WraS$ 24.40
    Spinach Rice | SpanakorizoS$ 22.26
    Vegetarian Wrap | Lahaniko GiroS$ 22.67

    Oven Baked Meals

    Vegetarian MousakaS$ 31.89
    Lamb MousakaS$ 35.10
    Beef PastitsiS$ 35.10
    Beef MousakaS$ 35.10

    Chicken Dishes | Kotopoulo

    Chicken Skewer | Kotopoulo KalamakiS$ 25.46
    Grilled Chicken Wrap | Kotopoulo GiroS$ 26.53
    Kotopoulo StifathoS$ 31.89
    Roast Lemon Chicken | Kotopoulo Sto FournoS$ 31.89
    Small Chicken Skewer (1 per piece)S$ 10.80

    Fish | Psari

    Jumbo Prawn (1 per piece)S$ 20.12

    Side Dishes

    CarrotsS$ 6.21
    CucumberS$ 6.21
    Greek OlivesS$ 11.56
    Green OlivesS$ 14.98
    Grilled VegetablesS$ 13.70
    Oven Roasted Lemon PotatoesS$ 14.77

    Desserts | Glyko

    Orange Cake | PortokalopitaS$ 13.70
    Bougatsa (4 Pieces)S$ 17.98
    Baklava (3 Pieces)S$ 12.84
    Baklava (1 Piece)S$ 3.95

    Blu Kouzina Delivery

    Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

    Blu Kouzina Outlets, Locations & Opening Hours Singapore

    These are their locations in Singapore and their website.


    10 Dempsey Road, #01-20,
    Singapore 247700
    Opening Hours: 11.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. & 5.30 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.

    East Coast

    907 East Coast Road, #01-01
    Singapore 459107
    Opening Hours: 11.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. & 5.30 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.

    Is Blu Kouzina Singapore Halal?

    Yes, Blu Kouzina Singapore Menu is a halal-certified restaurant.

    Is Blu Kouzina open at all times during the day?

    No, the restaurant is closed between 3:30pm to 5:30pm daily.

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