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    Itacho Sushi Menu Prices & Outlets Singapore 2024

    Itacho Sushi is a well-known sushi chain with several locations throughout Singapore. The restaurant offers a range of sushi dishes that are made using high-quality ingredients and traditional Japanese techniques.

    About Itacho Sushi

    The interior of Itacho Sushi is modern and sleek, with a minimalist design that allows the food to take center stage. The sushi chefs are stationed behind a glass counter, allowing guests to watch as their dishes are expertly crafted.In addition to its delicious food, Itacho Sushi is also known for its affordable prices. The restaurant offers a range of dishes at reasonable prices, making it accessible to a wide range of diners.

    Itacho Sushi Must Trys

    Itacho Sushi Menu

    image 3

    Itacho with Price

    Itacho Sushi Menu

    Salmon (1pc)S$ 2.00
    Fatty Salmon (1pc)S$ 2.40
    Japanese Flounder Dorsal (1pc)S$ 5.50
    Japanese Flounder (1pc)S$ 4.80
    Blue Fin Tuna (1pc)S$ 3.80
    Blue Fin Fatty Tuna w/ Less Tendon (1pc)S$ 8.20
    Blue Fin Fatty Tuna w/ Tendon (1pc)S$ 8.80
    Yellow Tail (1pc)S$ 3.00
    Fatty Yellow Tail (1pc)S$ 4.50
    Mackerel (1pc)S$ 3.10
    Japanese Jack Mackerel (1pc)S$ 4.00
    Flesh of Crab Stick (1pc)S$ 2.00
    Shrimp Tempura (1pc)S$ 3.20
    Shrimp (1pc)S$ 2.00
    Sweet Shrimp (1pc)S$ 3.80
    Red Shrimp (1pc)S$ 4.80
    Live Ark Shell (1pc)S$ 16.00
    Kagoshima Wagyu (1pc)S$ 9.30
    Striped Jack (1pc)S$ 4.50
    Egg (1pc)S$ 1.40
    Spicy Salmon Inari w/ Sakura Shrimp Ebiko (1pc)S$ 4.00
    Inari (1pc)S$ 1.40
    Octopus (1pc)S$ 2.00
    Squid (1pc)S$ 2.00
    Scallop (1pc)S$ 4.30
    Jumbo Scallop (1pc)S$ 7.80
    Fish Dorsal (1pc)S$ 4.50
    Sword Fish (1pc)S$ 3.80
    Surf Clam (1pc)S$ 2.80

    Itacho Sushi Roast

    Sea Eel (1pc)S$ 3.00
    Supreme Sea Eel (1pc)S$ 7.20
    Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)S$ 5.00
    Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Herbs Salt (1pc)S$ 5.00
    Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Butter (1pc)S$ 5.00
    Roasted Eel (1pc)S$ 3.50
    Roasted Scallop (1pc)S$ 4.50
    Roasted Blue Fin Fatty Tuna (1pc)S$ 8.80
    Roasted Fish Dorsal (1pc)S$ 4.70
    Roasted Salmon (1pc)S$ 2.20
    Roasted Fatty Salmon (1pc)S$ 2.60
    Roasted Salmon w/ Cheese (1pc)S$ 2.50
    Roasted Salmon w/ Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)S$ 2.80
    Roasted Japanese Jack Mackerel (1pc)S$ 4.20
    Roasted Mackerel (1pc)S$ 3.30
    Roasted Foie Gras (1pc)S$ 9.50
    Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef (1pc)S$ 9.80
    Cod Liver & Scallop (1pc)S$ 3.80
    Grilled Pork (1pc)S$ 1.80
    Roasted Squid Leg (1pc)S$ 2.80
    Roasted Duck Breast (1pc)S$ 2.80
    Roasted Squid (1pc)S$ 2.50

    Itacho Sushi Salt Menu

    Shrimp Tempura (1pc)S$ 3.30
    Octopus (1pc)S$ 2.20
    Squid (1pc)S$ 2.20
    Scallop (1pc)S$ 3.70
    Japanese Flounder Dorsal (1pc)S$ 5.60

    Itacho Sushi Sashimi

    Jumbo ScallopS$ 15.60
    Red Shrimp (3pc)S$ 16.50
    Kagoshima Wagyu BeefS$ 23.40
    Sea UrchinS$ 45.00
    Japanese Jack Mackerel Sashimi / Grilled (Whole)S$ 25.50
    SalmonS$ 6.00
    Fatty SalmonS$ 7.20
    Live Ark ShellS$ 16.00
    Striped JackS$ 13.50
    Blue Fin Tuna (Akami)S$ 11.40
    Blue Fin TunaS$ 23.60
    Blue Fin Tuna w/ TendonS$ 26.40
    Japanese FlounderS$ 14.40
    ScallopS$ 11.40
    Yellow TailS$ 9.00
    Fatty Yellow TailS$ 13.50
    OctopusS$ 5.10
    SquidS$ 6.00
    SwordfishS$ 11.40
    Sweet Shrimp (6pc)S$ 11.70

    Itacho Sushi Warship Style

    Crab & Crab Miso (1pc)S$ 2.70
    Curry LobsterS$ 3.20
    Wasabi OctopusS$ 2.30
    Squid & Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)S$ 2.60
    Salmon Roe (1pc)S$ 4.00
    Flying Fish Roe (1pc)S$ 2.20
    Tuna Salad (1pc)S$ 1.50
    Fatty Tuna w/ Spring Onion (1pc)S$ 3.60
    Tuna & Corn Salad Warship (1pc)S$ 2.00
    Flying Fish Roe w/ Cheese (1pc)S$ 2.30
    Lobster Salad (1pc)S$ 3.00
    Spicy Salmon (1pc)S$ 2.00
    Sea Urchin (1pc)S$ 9.80
    Corn Salad (1pc)S$ 1.00

    Itachi Sushi Menu Creative Rolls

    Sakura Shrimp w/ Cheese Roll (2pc)S$ 5.20
    Salmon Roll (2pc)S$ 4.80
    Sweet Shrimp Roll (2pc)S$ 8.20
    Avocado & Soft Shell Crab Roll (2pc)S$ 7.20
    Fatty Tuna w/ Spring Onion Roll (4pc)S$ 7.20
    Fried Shrimp Roll (3pc)S$ 4.50
    California Roll (2pc)S$ 4.00
    Scallop & Avocado Roll (Spicy) (2pc)S$ 5.00
    Cod Liver Roll (4pc)S$ 9.20
    Kagoshima Double Wagyu Beef Roll (2pc)S$ 16.00
    Eel Spring Roll (3pc)S$ 5.50
    Salmon Spring Roll (3pc)S$ 5.50
    Lobster & Mango Salad Roll (2pc)S$ 6.20
    Chu Maki (2pc)S$ 3.50
    Roasted Salmon Roll (2pc)S$ 5.60
    Salmon & Salmon Roe Roll (2pc)S$ 8.60
    Natto Roll (6pc)S$ 4.50
    Salmon Salad Lobster Roll (2pc)S$ 5.20
    Tuna Roll (6pc)S$ 6.50
    Spicy Salmon w/ Crab Stick & Egg Roll Mentaiko Mayo Sauce (6pc)S$ 8.80
    Cucumber Roll (6pc)S$ 3.00

    Itacho Sushi Hand Roll

    Itacho Sushi Mini Rice & Rice Chirashi

    Salmon Roe w/ RiceS$ 6.50
    Eel w/ RiceS$ 5.10
    Salmon & Salmon Roe w/ RiceS$ 6.50
    Fatty Tuna & Spring Onion w/ RiceS$ 6.10
    Sea Urchin w/ RiceS$ 19.20
    Tokujyou ChirashiS$ 34.70
    Salmon Oyako DonS$ 17.20
    Bara ChirashiS$ 16.60
    Nami ChirashiS$ 21.00

    Itacho Sushi Assorted Set

    Tiger Prawn RollS$ 10.50
    Matsu Sashimi SetS$ 48.00
    Take Sashimi SetS$ 35.00
    Ume Sashimi SetS$ 32.00
    Hana Sushi Set w/ Miso SoupS$ 38.00
    Aburi Sushi Set w/ Miso SoupS$ 18.00
    Tsuki Sushi Set w/ Miso SoupS$ 17.50
    Huru Roll SetS$ 14.50

    Itacho Sushi Grill Menu

    Grilled Kagoshima Wagyu BeefS$ 58.00
    Grilled Yellow Tail Head & JawS$ 9.00
    Grilled Yellow Tail Head (Half)S$ 26.00
    Grilled Fatty SalmonS$ 8.00
    Grilled MackerelS$ 11.50
    Grilled EelS$ 24.00
    Grilled Salmon w/ Spicy MisoS$ 11.50
    Grilled ScallopS$ 12.50
    Pan Fried Swordfish w/ Butter SauceS$ 13.50

    Itacho Sushi Deep Fry

    Deep-Fried ChickenS$ 7.00
    Shrimp TempuraS$ 7.00
    Pumpkin TempuraS$ 7.50
    Fried Softshell CrabS$ 10.20
    Cream CroquetteS$ 5.20
    Vegetable TempuraS$ 6.80
    Deep-Fried BeancurdS$ 5.50
    Fried Soft SquidS$ 6.00
    Deep-Fried OysterS$ 9.00

    Itacho Sushi Soap & Steamed Egg

    Miso Soup w/ ClamS$ 4.00
    Sweet Shrimp Cream SoupS$ 4.00
    Miso SoupS$ 3.00
    Clear Soup w/ Yellow Tail HeadsS$ 6.80
    Steamed Egg w/ CrabS$ 5.00
    Steamed Egg w/ Salmon RoeS$ 5.80
    Steamed Egg w/ ScallopS$ 5.50

    Itacho Sushi Snack

    Spicy SeafoodS$ 3.30
    EdamameS$ 4.20
    Roasted Egg (Cold/Warm)S$ 4.50
    Cod LiverS$ 8.50
    Salmon Head w/ Spicy SauceS$ 7.80
    Homemade TofuS$ 5.50
    Baked Stuff CrabS$ 8.50
    Roasted Egg w/ Seaweed & CrabS$ 6.00
    Roasted Egg w/ Curry LobsterS$ 6.00
    Roasted Egg w/ Spicy SalmonS$ 6.00
    Wasabi OctopusS$ 6.50
    Seasoned OctopusS$ 6.50
    Seasoned Jelly FishS$ 6.50
    Salmon Skin & Talami IwasshiS$ 12.50
    Grilled Squid (HALF)
    Grilled Squid (WHOLE)
    S$ 9.50
    S$ 19.00
    Top Salmon Belly w/ Black PepperS$ 7.80

    Itacho Sushi Rice

    Grilled Eel w/ Scrambled Egg & RiceS$ 19.80
    Pork Chop w/ Scrambled Egg & RiceS$ 15.50
    Teriyaki Chicken w/ RiceS$ 12.50
    Curry Beef / Curry Sliced Pork w/ Rice, Udon or SobaS$ 16.50
    Curry Roasted Chicken w/ Rice, Udon or SobaS$ 16.50
    Curry Pork Chop w/ Rice, Udon or SobaS$ 14.50

    Itacho Sushi Noodles

    Udon / Soba in Soup w/ BeefS$ 14.50
    Udon / Soba in Soup w/ TempuraS$ 14.50
    Udon / Soba in Soup w/ Pork ChopS$ 14.50
    Cold UdonS$ 6.50
    Cold Green Tea NoodlesS$ 6.50
    Cold Zaru SobaS$ 6.50
    Steamed RiceS$ 2.00
    Udon / Soba w/ SoupS$ 7.50

    Itacho Sushi Salad

    Crab Meat SaladS$ 8.00
    Tomato SaladS$ 8.00
    Seafood SaladS$ 9.50
    Avocado w/ Crab Meat SaladS$ 9.50
    Softshell Crab SaladS$ 12.50
    Wo-Fu Pork SaladS$ 8.00

    Itacho Sushi Desserts

    Sweet PotatoS$ 3.50
    Green Tea Ice Cream w/ Red BeanS$ 4.00
    Caramel Roasted EggS$ 4.00
    Homemade Milk Pudding (Caramel)S$ 4.00

    Itacho Sushi Non-Alcoholic Drinks

    Orange JuiceS$ 4.00
    Lime JuiceS$ 4.00
    Apple JuiceS$ 4.00
    Mineral WaterS$ 2.30
    Green TeaS$ 3.00
    Lemon TeaS$ 3.00
    CokeS$ 3.00
    Coke LightS$ 3.00
    SpriteS$ 3.00

    Itacho Sushi Alcoholic Drinks

    Hot SakeS$ 8.50
    Kiku Masamune Nama Sake (300ml)S$ 21.00
    Kikusui no Karakuchi Honjyozo (300ml)S$ 27.00
    Hona Awaka Sparkling Sake (250ml)S$19.00
    Saporro BeerS$ 9.00
    Asahi BeerS$ 9.00
    Kagatobi jyunmai Daiginjyou Ai (300ml)S$ 37.00
    Kagatobi jyunmai Super Dry (300ml)S$ 23.80
    Yuzu Aladdin Sake (300ml)S$ 23.50
    Junmai Aladdin Sake (300ml)S$ 24.80
    Hana Fu-Ga Peach (250ml)S$ 19.00
    Hana Fu-Ga Yuzu (250ml)S$ 19.00

    Itacho Sushi Delivery

    Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

    Itacho Sushi Singapore Outlets, Locations, Opening Hours & Contact Numbers

    Below are the locations of Itacho Sushi in Singapore and their website.

    Bedok Mall

    311 New Upper Changi Road, #B2-42 to 43, Bedok Mall
    Singapore 467360
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm, Sunday 11am-10pm

    Bugis Junction

    200 Victoria Street, #B1-05, Bugis Junction
    Singapore 188021
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday 11am-10pm

    ION Orchard

    2 Orchard Turn, #B3-20, ION Orchard
    Singapore 238801
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

    Jewel Changi Airport

    78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-210​, Jewel Changi Airport
    Singapore 819666
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 10:30am-10:30pm, Sunday 10:30am-10pm

    Novena Square 2

    10 Sinaran Drive, #02-88, Novena Square 2
    Singapore 307506
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

    Plaza Singapura

    68 Orchard Road, #02-35, Plaza Singapura
    Singapore 238839
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm, Sunday 11am-10pm

    Tampines Mall

    4 Tampines Central 5, #04-32, Tampines Mall
    Singapore 529510
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm, Sunday 11am-10pm

    The Star Vista

    1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-12, The Star Vista
    Singapore 138617
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm, Sunday 11am-10pm

    Frequently Ask Questions About Itacho Sushi

    What type of cuisine does Itacho Sushi serve?

    Itacho Sushi serves Japanese cuisine, specializing in sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri, and other traditional Japanese dishes.

    Does Itacho Sushi offer vegetarian or gluten-free options?

    Yes, Itacho Sushi offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. Guests with dietary restrictions are encouraged to inform the staff when ordering.

    Is Itacho Sushi a halal-certified restaurant?

    No, Itacho Sushi is not a halal-certified restaurant. They do serve pork and alcohol in their menu

    Does Itacho Sushi take reservations?

    Yes, Itacho Sushi takes reservations. Reservations can be made online through their website or by calling the restaurant directly.

    Does Itacho Sushi use high-quality ingredients?

    Yes, Itacho Sushi uses high-quality ingredients, including fresh seafood, to ensure the quality and taste of their dishes. Community Community
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