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    Latest Lao Huo Tang Menu, Prices & Outlets 2024

    Lao Huo Tang is a Chinese restaurant in Singapore known for its wholesome and nutritious soups. Since its establishment in 2008, it has gained a huge following for its dedication to serving high-quality Cantonese-style soups and traditional home-cooked dishes. The restaurant has expanded from a humble hawker stall to multiple outlets, including food court outlets and restaurant locations.

    About Lao Huo Tang

    With favorites like Lotus Root Peanut Soup, Chinese Old Cucumber Soup, Buddha Jump Over Wall, and Pig Trotters with Black Vinegar, Lao Huo Tang offers a wholesome and nourishing dining experience.

    Lao Huo Tang’s Buddha Jump Over Wall soup stands out with its blend of premium ingredients such as sharks’ fin, fish maw, oyster, scallop, shiitake mushroom, red date, wolfberry, and chicken. Slowly brewed to perfection, this hearty soup is rich in protein, collagen, essential vitamins, and minerals.

    One of the highly recommended dishes is the Pig Trotters with Black Vinegar—a rarity in local restaurants. Simmered for hours, the tender pork trotters are complemented by the balance of sweetness from brown sugar and sourness from black vinegar.

    Lao Huo Tang’s Handmade Crispy Tofu with Minced Meat is a crowd-pleaser. Each morning, the tofu is meticulously handmade and deep-fried to achieve a crispy golden-brown exterior. Topped with mushroom gravy, minced meat, and served with steamed broccoli, this dish offers a protein boost and is ideal for sharing.

    For those craving a delightful twist on a beloved dish, the Crispy Cereal Prawn Ball is a must-try. The prawns are tender and succulent, complemented by the delightful crunch and aroma of the cereal coating.

    Lao Huo Tang Must Trys

    Lao Huo Tang Menu

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    Lao Huo Tang Menu with Price

    Lao Huo Tang Soups

    Apple & Snow Pear Soup with Pork RibS$ 12.80
    Lotus Root Soup with Pork Rib & PeanutS$ 12.80
    Mummy’s ABC SoupS$ 12.80
    Fresh Watercress Soup with Pork RibS$ 12.80
    White Radish Pork Rib Soup with WolfberriesS$ 13.80
    Pork Tripe Soup with GingkoS$ 14.80
    Beauty Collagen Soup with Peach GumS$ 17.80
    Salted Vegetable Duck SoupS$ 17.80
    Ginseng Herbal Chicken SoupS$ 18.80
    Buddha Jump Over The WallS$ 24.80

    Lao Huo Tang Menu – Fish

    Deep Fried Grouper in Black Bean SauceS$ 21.80
    Cod Fish in Superior SauceS$ 31.80
    Sweet & Sour Sliced FishS$ 15.80
    Sweet & SourS$ 21.80
    Sliced Fish with Ginger & Spring OnionS$ 15.80

    Lao Huo Tang Prawns Menu

    Salted Egg Prawn BallS$ 20.80
    Crispy Cereal Prawn BallS$ 20.80
    Salted Pepper Prawn BallS$ 20.80
    Stir Fried Har Lok PrawnS$ 21.80

    Lao Huo Tang Chicken Menu

    General Tso’s ChickenS$ 16.80
    Marmite ChickenS$ 16.80
    Salted Crispy Chicken CutletS$ 16.80
    Hot Pot Pandan ChickenS$ 16.80
    Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage & MushroomS$ 15.80
    Crispy Chicken with Dried Chili & GarlicS$ 16.80
    Crispy Spring Chicken – HalfS$ 15.80

    Lao Huo Tang Pork Prices

    Pork Ribs with Bitter Gourd in Black Bean SauceS$ 15.80
    Steamed Minced Meat with Mei ChyeS$ 11.80
    Steamed Pork Ribs with Taucu & Sour PlumS$ 16.80
    Sweet & Sour PorkS$ 16.80
    Salted Egg PorkS$ 16.80
    Claypot Belly with Salted FishS$ 18.80
    Pig Trotter with Black VinegarS$ 20.80
    Creamy Butter PorkS$ 16.80

    Lao Huo tang Specialty Dishes

    Handmade Crispy Tofu with Minced MeatS$ 18.80
    Crispy Salted Egg Fish SkinS$ 14.80
    Homemade Crispy Tofu with Minced Meat & Pickled VegetableS$ 11.80
    Handmade Deep Fried Prawn RollS$ 14.80
    Crispy Salted Egg Lotus RootS$ 12.60
    Honey Glazed Egg PlantS$ 11.80

    Lao Huo Tang Egg Dishes Prices

    Fried Fu Rong EggS$ 12.80
    Fried Egg with BittergourdS$ 10.80
    Steamed Omega EggS$ 10.80
    Fried Egg with PrawnS$ 13.80
    Osmanthus egg with Shark Fin & Crab MeatS$ 31.80
    Fried Egg with TomatoS$ 11.80

    Lao Huo Tang Vegetables Menu

    XO Broccoli with ScallopS$ 21.80
    Sambal Kang Kong with CuttlefishS$ 15.80
    Hong Kong Kailan with GarlicS$ 11.80
    Spinach with Salted & Century EggS$ 18.80
    French Bean with Minced MeatS$ 12.80
    mala Mixed VegetablesS$ 14.80
    Eggplant in ClaypotS$ 12.10

    Lao Huo Tang Singapore Noodles

    Stir Fried Seafood Hor FunS$ 15.80
    Seafood Hor Fun with Egg GravyS$ 15.80
    Shin Chow Bee HoonS$ 13.80
    Seafoof Mee GorengS$ 15.80

    Lao Hor Fun Rice Menu Prices

    Steamed RiceS$ 1.80
    Brown RiceS$ 2.50
    Fried Rice with Chinese SausageS$ 13.80
    Xo Seafood Fried RiceS$ 15.80
    Pumpkin RiceS$ 2.50

    Lao Huo Tang Beverages & Desserts Menu

    Ice Jelly with Honey LimeS$ 7.50
    Mango Sago with PomeloS$ 8.50
    Grass Jelly with LonganS$ 7.50
    Honey Lemon Aloe VeraS$ 7.50
    Sour PlumS$ 4.50
    Passion FruitS$ 4.50
    Water ChestnutS$ 4.50
    Homemade Barley with Winter Melon DrinkS$ 4.50
    Homemade Red Dates Longan TeaS$ 4.50
    Luo Han GuoS$ 4.50
    Homemade Chrysanthemum TeaS$ 4.50
    Coke/SPriteS$ 4.00
    Green TeaS$ 4.00
    Dilmah Lemon & Lime Iced TeaS$ 5.50
    Dilmah White Peach Iced TeaS$ 5.50
    Royal English Ice Tea DilmahS$ 5.50
    French Rose & Vanilla Ice TeaS$ 5.50
    Dilmah Lady Lavender Ice TeaS$ 5.50
    Dilmah Arabian Jasmine Ice TeaS$ 5.50

    Lao Huo Tang Delivery

    Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

    Lao Huo Tang Singapore Outlets, Locations, Opening Hours & Contact Numbers

    Below are the locations of Lao Huo Tang in Singapore and their wwebsitete.

    Causeway Point

    1 Woodlands Square, #03-02, Causeway Point
    Singapore 738099
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

    Century Square

    2 Tampines Central 5, #02-07/28, Century Square
    Singapore 529509
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm


    50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-23, JEM
    Singapore 608549
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

    Jurong Point

    1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-45, JP2, Jurong Point
    Singapore 648886
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

    Marina Square

    6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-202, Marina Square
    Singapore 039594
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm


    23 Serangoon Central, #03-08/09, NEX
    Singapore 556083
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

    Sun Plaza

    30 Sembawang Drive, #03-15/16, Sun Plaza
    Singapore 757713
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

    The Seletar Mall

    33 Sengkang West Ave, #B1-28/29, The Seletar Mall
    Singapore 797653
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am–9pm

    The Star Vista

    1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-31A, The Star Vista
    Singapore 138617
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am–9:30pm

    Waterway Point

    83 Punggol Central, #B1-22, East Wing, Waterway Point
    Singapore 828761
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

    Frequently Ask Questions About Lao Huo Tang

    What is Lao Huo Tang known for?

    Lao Huo Tang is known for its Chinese herbal soups and health-focused dishes. Their signature dish is the Double-Boiled Herbal Soup, which is said to be packed with health benefits and nourishing properties.

    What type of cuisine does Lao Huo Tang serve?

    Lao Huo Tang serves traditional Chinese cuisine, with a focus on health and wellness. Their dishes feature fresh, wholesome ingredients and traditional Chinese herbs.

    Is Lao Huo Tang vegetarian-friendly?

    Yes, Lao Huo Tang has vegetarian options on their menu. They offer dishes such as stir-fried vegetables, braised tofu, and vegetarian soups.

    Does Lao Huo Tang offer delivery or takeout?

    Yes, Lao Huo Tang offers both delivery and takeout options. You can order through their website or through delivery platforms such as GrabFood and Foodpanda.

    Is it necessary to make a reservation at Lao Huo Tang?

    It is recommended to make a reservation, especially during peak hours or on weekends. Lao Huo Tang can get quite busy, so making a reservation will ensure that you have a table. Community Community
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