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    Latest Long John Silver’s Menu, Prices & Outlets Singapore 2024

    Long John Silver’s, an iconic fast-food seafood chain founded in 1969, invites patrons to savour a maritime-inspired dining experience through its renowned Long John Silver’s Menu. Adored for its distinctive nautical theme and an array of deep-fried delights, including crispy fish, golden-brown shrimp, and flavorful hushpuppies, the restaurant caters to both seafood enthusiasts and casual diners. With a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability, Long John Silver’s continues to navigate the seas of fast-food excellence, offering a taste of the ocean to delighted patrons worldwide.

    About Long John Silver’s

    The Long John Silver’s Menu showcases a diverse range of seafood options, from classic battered fish and shrimp platters to innovative dishes like grilled salmon bowls and fish tacos. The menu’s appeal extends beyond traditional seafood lovers, providing choices for those seeking a variety of flavors and preferences. Complemented by sides such as coleslaw, fries, and their famous hushpuppies, Long John Silver’s ensures a satisfying and flavorful meal for every customer.

    What sets Long John Silver’s apart is not just its delectable offerings but also its commitment to sustainability. The restaurant sources its seafood responsibly, emphasizing environmental stewardship in the procurement process. This dedication to ethical practices enhances the dining experience, allowing patrons to indulge in delicious seafood guilt-free. Whether it’s a quick bite or a family feast, Long John Silver’s continues to navigate the seas of culinary excellence with a menu that caters to the diverse tastes of its loyal customer base.

    Long John Silver’s Must Trys

    Long John Silver’s Menu

    LJS Breakfast sandwich menu
    LJS French Toast Breakfast Menu
    long john silver breakfast platter
    LJS Golden Deals

    LJS Grill Plate
    Long John Silver's Drinks

    Long John Silver’s Menu with Prices

    Breakfast Sandwich

    Fish Patty Toast with 6 pc Tater Tots & Hot Coffee/TeaS$ 4.90S$ 6.30
    Turkey Bacon Club Toast with 6 pc Tater Tots & Hot Coffee/TeaS$ 4.90S$ 6.30
    Turkey Chicken Toast with 6 pc Tater Tots & Hot Coffee/TeaS$ 4.90S$ 6.30
    Chicken Sausage Toast with 6 pc Tater Tots & Hot Coffee/TeaS$ 4.50S$ 5.90
    Double Turkey Bacon Toast with 6 pc Tater Tots & Hot Coffee/TeaS$ 4.50S$ 5.90

    Your Favorite Breakfast

    Classic French Toast
    Classic French Toast with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder
    S$ 3.50
    Kaya French Toast
    French Toast with Hainanese Kaya and topped with Salted Egg crumbs
    S$ 4.30
    Chocolate French Toast
    French Toast with Chocolate Hazelnut sauce and topped with Biscoff crumbs
    S$ 4.30

    Big Better Platter

    French Toast Platter with Texas Chicken
    2pc French Toast, Texas chicken, Cheese omelet, Turkey bacon, Tater Tots (6pc) and Hot Coffee/Tea (R)
    S$ 7.90
    French Toast with Chicken Sausage
    2pc French Toast, Chicken sausage, Cheese omelet, Turkey Bacon, Tater Tots (6pc) and Hot Coffee/Tea (R)
    S$ 7.60
    Grilled Salmon with French Toast
    2pc French Toast, Grilled Salmon, Cheese omelet, Tater Tots (6pc) and Hot Coffee/Tea (R)
    S$ 9.50


    Chicken Porridge with Hot Coffee or Tea (R)S$ 4.30
    Dory Porridge with Hot Coffee or Tea (R)S$ 4.30
    Salmon Porridge with Coffee or Tea (R)S$ 5.30

    Long John Silver’s Lunch & Dinner Menu

    1 Pc Fish
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite. Also available as: 1pc Spicy Fish.
    S$ 5.00
    Chicken & Spicy Chicken
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite. Also available as: 2pc Chicken or 2pc Spicy Chicken.
    S$ 5.50
    Chicken & Spicy Dory
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite.
    S$ 6.90
    Fish & Chicken
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite.
    S$ 6.90
    Fish & Spicy Fish
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite. Also available as: 2pc Fish or 2pc Spicy Fish.
    S$ 7.40
    2pc Chicken & 2pc Spicy Shrimp
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite.
    S$ 7.40
    2pc Dory
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite. Also available as: 2pc Spicy Dory.
    S$ 7.40
    1 Pc Chicken
    with fries and regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite. Also available as: 1pc Chicken.
    S$ 4.50

    Silver-Grill Plate

    Grilled Dory with Chili Crab sauce with Rice OnlyS$ 7.50
    Grilled Cajun Chicken with Rice OnlyS$ 7.20
    Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki sauce with Rice OnlyS$ 8.20

    Long John Silver A La Carte Menu

    1 Pc Chicken – Original or SpicyS$ 1.90
    1 Pc FishS$ 2.40
    2 Pc ShrimpS$ 1.90
    1pc DoryS$ 2.40
    Corn CupS$ 1.90
    ColeslawS$ 1.90
    Rice in 5oz BowlS$ 1.90
    Crispy FriesS$ 2.50
    Extra Large Crispy FriesS$ 3.50


    Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Ice CreamS$ 2.90
    HERSHEY’S Chocolate CreamS$ 2.90
    Cinnamon Sugar Churros (6pc)S$ 2.90
    Cinnamon Sugar Churros (6pc) with Chocolate Hazelnut SauceS$ 3.90

    DIP & Shake

    Nacho Cheese SauceS$ 1.00
    Chili Crab SauceS$ 1.00
    Spicy Teriyaki SauceS$ 1.00
    Caribbean SpicesS$ 0.50


    Hot Black Coffee / TeaS$ 2.40
    Hot MiloS$ 3.20
    Fresh LemonadeS$ 3.40
    Sjora Mango PeachS$ 3.50
    Dasani Drinking WaterS$ 2.20
    Coca Cola Original TasteS$ 2.60
    Coca Cola Zero SugarS$ 2.60
    SpriteS$ 2.60
    Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon teaS$ 3.20
    Minute Maid Refresh OrangeS$ 3.20
    Ice MiloS$ 3.50

    Long John Silver’s Delivery

    Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

    Long John Silver’s Singapore Outlets, Locations & Opening Hours

    Below are the locations of Long John Silvers in Singapore and their website.

    18 Taiseng

    18 Taiseng Street, #01-31/32 & K7
    Singapore 539775
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Bedok Point

    799 New Upper Changi Road, #01-02/03, Bedok Point
    Singapore 467351
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm


    88 Tanglin Halt Road, #01-09
    Singapore 141088
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Eastpoint Mall

    3 Simei Street 6, #01-32, Eastpoint Mall
    Singapore 528833
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Hillion Mall

    17 Petir Road, #B1-57 to 59, Hillion Mall
    Singapore 678278
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Hougang Mall

    90 Hougang Avenue 10, #B1-27/28, Hougang Mall
    Singapore 538766
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Junction 8

    9 Bishan Place, #01-19A, Junction 8
    Singapore 579837
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Jurong Point

    1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-09/10/11, JP1, Jurong Point
    Singapore 648886
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Kampung Admiralty

    676 Woodlands Drive 71, #01-12
    Singapore 730676
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Leisure Park Kallang

    5 Stadium Walk, #01-41A/42, Leisure Park Kallang
    Singapore 397693
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-10pm

    Northpoint City

    930 Yishun Avenue 2, #01-14, Northpoint City
    Singapore 769098
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm


    76 Nanyang Drive, N2.1-01-05 North Spine Plaza, NTU
    Singapore 637331
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-8pm

    Rivervale Mall

    11 Rivervale Crescent, #01-28A, Rivervale Mall
    Singapore 545082
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    SingPost Centre

    10 Eunos Road 8, #01-149, SingPost Centre
    Singapore 408600
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Tampines Mall

    4 Tampines Central 5, #04-23 to 25, Tampines Mall
    Singapore 529510
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Tiong Bahru Plaza

    302 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-160, Tiong Bahru Plaza
    Singapore 168732
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-9:45pm


    1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-94, VivoCity
    Singapore 098585
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-10pm


    3 Gateway Drive, #B1-10, Westgate
    Singapore 608532
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    West Coast Plaza

    154 West Coast Road, #B1-49, West Coast Plaza
    Singapore 127371
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-10pm

    Wisteria Mall

    598 Yishun Ring Road, #01-17/18/55/56, Wisteria Mall
    Singapore 768698
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Woods Square

    6 Woodlands Square, #B2-19, Woods Square
    Singapore 737737
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Yew Tee Point

    21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, #01-36/38/39, Yew Tee Point
    Singapore 689578
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Frequently Asked Questions About Long John Silver

    What type of cuisine does Long John Silver’s serve?

    They specialise in seafood dishes such as fish and chips, shrimp, calamari, and clam strips. They also offer chicken tenders, burgers, and sandwiches.

    Can I order takeout or delivery from Long John Silver’s?

    Yes, they offer both takeout and delivery options. You can order online through their website or using third-party delivery services like GrabFood or Deliveroo.

    Are there any vegetarian or vegan options at Long John Silver’s?

    They do not offer many vegetarian or vegan options. However, they do have a few side dishes that are vegetarian, such as their coleslaw and corn.

    Is Long John Silver’s halal certified?

    Yes, their outlets in Singapore are halal-certified. You can check their website or contact the restaurant directly for more information.

    Can I make a reservation at Long John Silver’s?

    No, they do not accept reservations as it is a fast-food restaurant.

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