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    Latest Mr Bean Menu, Prices & Outlets Singapore 2024

    Mr. Bean, founded in Singapore, is an outlet well-known for its many soy-based offerings. Soymilk, soy pudding, and even soy ice cream can all be found on the menu at Mr. Bean. Not just that, their food will hit right on the palate. There are already stores in Tokyo, Japan, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with more planned for other cities in Asia. Mr Bean has a lot to offer from rich flavor foods to beverages.

    Table of Contents

    About Mr Bean

    Mr Bean, first opened in 1995, is now Singapore’s most prominent chain selling soya bean foods and beverages. Throughout Singapore and the rest of Asia, Mr. Bean’s 60+ locations sell a wide selection of soy-based beverages and snacks. Ice-blended flavored soya drinks, ice creams, cakes, and more are available for customers of all ages.

    Mr. Bean has built its reputation on a customer-centric business model, with a focus on innovation while maintaining a commitment to traditional values in terms of nutrition and health.

    Mr Bean Menu

    Mr Bean Menu

    Mr Bean Menu with Prices

    Mr Bean Soy Milk

    Classic Soy MilkS$ 2.20
    Pearly Soya Milk (Cold)S$ 3.50
    Pearly BandungS$ 3.50
    Pearly TaroS$ 4.30
    Watermelon Soy MilkS$ 4.05
    Icy Sea Salt ChendolS$ 4.95
    Viet Coffee (Hot)S$ 2.85
    Icy Viet Coffee 16 ozS$ 5.35

    Mr Bean Beancurd

    Classic BeancurdS$ 2.35
    Pearly BeancurdS$ 3.50
    Grass Jelly BeancurdS$ 3.50
    Sea Salt Gula Melaka BeancurdS$ 3.50

    Mr Bean Rice Bowls

    3 in 1 Rice BallsS$ 4.30
    Oatmeal with Rice BallsS$ 4.50

    Mr Bean Grass Jelly Drinks

    Grass Jelly DrinkS$ 2.50
    Grass Jelly Soy MilkS$ 3.00

    Mr Bean Pancakes Menu & Prices

    Chocolate PancakeS$ 2.10
    Cheese PancakeS$ 2.20
    Tuna PancakeS$ 2.50
    Crunchy Peanut Butter pancakeS$ 2.50
    Azuki Red Bean PancakeS$ 1.95
    Kaya Cheese PancakeS$ 2.90
    Hazelnut Royale PancakeS$ 2.90

    Mr Bean Wholegrain Mixed Rice Bowls

    Teriyaki ChickenS$ 6.30
    Spicy Minced Chicken & MushroomS$ 5.90
    Chicken MeatballsS$ 5.90
    Soy Curry ChickenS$ 6.30
    Quorn Japanese CurryS$ 8.90

    Mr Bean Grab & Go

    Grass Jelly Bowl OriginalS$ 3.00
    Dessert Jelly Bowl – Almond LonganS$ 3.25
    Grass Jelly Bowl – Luo Han GuoS$ 3.00
    Dessert Jelly Bowl – Longan Red DatesS$ 3.25
    Grass Jelly Bowl – PeppermintS$ 3.00
    Grass Jello – OriginalS$ 2.35
    Dessert Jelly Bowl – Red BeanS$ 3.25
    Grass Jello – ChrysanthemumS$ 2.50
    Dessert Jelly bowl – Mango PuddingS$ 3.40
    Almond Soy MilkS$ 3.65
    Oxygenated WaterS$ 1.95
    Dessert Jelly Bowl – Sweet CornS$ 3.25

    Mr Bean Soy Porridge

    Chicken Meatballs Millet grains Soy porridgeS$ 5.85
    Spicy Minced Chicken & Mushroom Millet Grains Soy PorridgeS$ 5.85
    Vegetable Jade Tofu Miller Grains Soy PorridgeS$ 5.35
    Hainanese Chicken Miller Grains Soy PorridgeS$ 5.85
    Soy Porridge Set Meal Soy porridge with Pancake & Classis Soya MilkS$ 7.75

    Mr Bean Soy Granola

    Cranberry Pumpkin Seeds Soy Granola BarS$ 2.85
    Blueberry Pistachio Soy Granola BarS$ 2.85
    Chocolate Soy Granola BarS$ 2.85
    Earl Grey Soy Granola BarS$ 2.85

    Mr Bean Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

    White Lotus Baked MooncakeS$ 43.95
    White Lotus with Double Yolk Baked MooncakeS$ 49.15

    Mr Bean Signature Dishes

    Beancurds (tau huay / 豆花 / “bean flower”)

    credit: Instagram @environment_over_convenience

    Mr bean’s traditional soy bean cuisine is one that has been perfected over the years. Together with innovation and new creations, it weathered that toughest times and now become a household name for many in Singapore.

    The beancurd / tau huay / 豆花 served up by Mr bean is silky smooth, and has a nice bounce to the texture. Served up with sugar syrup, it is a tofu pudding with custard-like texture and flavour and sweetness that lines the mouth, and throat.

    There are a lot of variations in Mr Bean that you can choose from when it comes to picking your beancurd. A popular snack or dessert, beancurd with sea salt gula melaka flavor combines the silky smoothness of beancurd with the sweet and salty flavor of sea salt and gula Melaka. Have it as an enjoyable snack or dessert. Many love it!

    There is another one that could really be your favorite which is the grass jelly beancurd. The leaves of the Mesona chinensis plant are used to create grass jelly, a form of jelly that is commonly used in Asian delicacies due to its unique bittersweet flavor.

    The ginger soup beancurd will take your breath away with its yumminess. Tau huay and ginger soup. Ginger rids wind and makes a great refreshing taste for those who love it. A great healthy alternative if you would like to try something different.

    Pancakes And Variations

    credit: Instagram @sky4everwen

    Pancakes with peanut butter are a delightful and healthy breakfast option because of the combination of the typical pancake flavor with the creamy, nutty flavor of peanut butter. Pancake batter is augmented with peanut butter for a sweet, nutty result.

    Flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs, milk, and melted butter are combined to create the pancake batter for peanut butter pancakes. The pancakes get their creamy, nutty flavor from the addition of peanut butter to the batter. These pancakes are cooked on a templated griddle and once the cooking is done, generous ingredients are smeared into each side of the pancake and closed up ready to eat.

    One variation of Mr bean pancakes melts right through your palate is red bean pancakes combine sweet red bean paste with a light and airy pancake-like batter. Pancakes stuffed with red bean paste (adzuki beans boiled and mashed with sugar) are baked to make a warm, sugary delight.

    There is one Mr Bean pancake that will surely leave you loving it daily, it’s the chicken mayo pancake. For the filling of these pancakes, shredded chicken is mixed with mayonnaise, spices, and herbs.

    Kaya cheese pancake is superb! Using kaya, a traditional coconut jam from Southeast Asia, and cheese, you can make a sweet and savory pancake dish called kaya cheese pancakes. In order to make this dish, kaya and the cheese is smeared right in the pancake creating a delightful and novel flavor combination.

    Chocolate is a universal favorite. Mr. Bean’s chocolate pancakes are the best sweet snack ever. Adding chocolate to pancake batter creates a delicious and decadent breakfast treat. Pancakes, when cooked till golden on both sides, make for a hearty and filling breakfast or brunch option. Those who appreciate the richness and sweetness of chocolate will adore a stack of chocolate pancakes for breakfast. They’re loved by individuals of all ages because of how simple they are to prepare and how they can be altered to fit personal preferences.

    Another on Mr Bean’s variation is the cheese pancake and surely you will love. Cheese pancakes that are savoury to the taste and it a delicious and filling dish that can be eaten at any time of the day.

    Dairy-Free Soft Serve Ice Cream

    credit: Instagram @johngoh1984

    Mr Bean’s Original Soya soft ice cream is the best! Original Soya Soft Ice Cream is a form of non-dairy frozen dessert that is primarily composed of soya milk. It is a popular option for folks who cannot consume dairy products due to lactose intolerance or other dietary constraints.

    Due to the presence of soy, Original Soya Soft Ice Cream has a nuttier flavor than standard dairy-based ice cream. This sort of soft ice cream is typically served in cones, cups, or sundaes, and it can be enjoyed on its own or with a variety of other sweets and snacks.

    Chicken Meatballs Ricebowl

    Credit: Instagram @skytoeat

    A Chicken Meatball Ricebowl is a dish composed of cooked rice served in a bowl and topped with tender and succulent chicken meatballs. Typically, chicken meatballs are comprised of ground chicken that has been seasoned and formed into little balls. The meatballs are then poured atop the cooked rice and can be served with a variety of sides, including a side salad, steaming veggies, or a dipping sauce. This recipe is ideal for lunch or dinner because it is filling and hearty. It is also a versatile dish that can be easily adapted to varied tastes and preferences by adjusting the meatball seasonings and rice type.

    Mr Bean Delivery

    Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

    Mr Bean Singapore Outlets, Locations, Opening Hours & Contact Numbers

    Below are the locations of Mr Bean Outlets in Singapore and their website.

    18 Tai Seng

    18 Tai Seng Street, #B1-12, Maple 18
    Singapore 539775
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-8:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-8:30pm

    Aljunied MRT Station

    81 Geylang Lorong 25, #01-12, Aljuined MRT Station
    Singapore 388310
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-9:30pm, Saturday 7am-9pm, Sunday 7:30am-8:30pm

    Ang Mo Kio Hub

    53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-19, Ang Mo Kio Hub
    Singapore 569933
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-10:30pm, Friday 7:30am-10:30pm

    Bedok Mall

    Bedok Mall
    311 New Upper Changi Road, #B2-K2, Bedok Mall
    Singapore 467360
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Boon Lay MRT Station

    301, Boon Lay Way, #01-23, Boon Lay MRT Station
    Singapore 649846
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6am-10pm, Sunday 6:30am-10pm

    Buangkok Square

    991 Buangkok Link, #01-04, Buangkok Square
    Singapore 530991
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-9:30pm

    Bukit Gombak MRT Station

    802 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, #01-03, Bukit Gombak MRT Station
    Singapore 659083
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 6:30am-10:30pm

    Bukit Panjang Plaza

    1 Jelebu Road, #01-19, Bukit Panjang Plaza
    Singapore 677743
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 8:30am-10pm

    Causeway Point

    1 Woodlands Square, #01-K6, Causeway Point
    Singapore 738099
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10:30pm

    Centre of Oral Health

    9 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #01-01, National University Hospital, Centre of Oral Health
    Singapore 119085
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-6:30pm

    Changi City Point

    5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-21, Changi City Point
    Singapore 486038
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-9:30pm, Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday 8:30am-10pm, Sunday 8:30am-9:30pm

    Changi General Hospital

    2 Simei Street 3, #01-02, Changi General Hospital
    Singapore 529889
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm, Sunday 7:30am-9pm

    Chinese Garden MRT Station

    151 Boon Lay Way, #01-02, Chinese Garden MRT
    Singapore 609959
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Choa Chu Kang MRT Station

    10 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-03, Choa Chu Kang MRT Station
    Singapore 689810
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 6:30am-10:30pm

    Clementi Mall

    3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #B1-K16, Clementi Mall
    Singapore 129588
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Compass One

    1 Sengkang Square, #01-28, Compass One
    Singapore 545078
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 6:30am-11:30pm, Friday-Saturday 6:30am-12midnight, Sunday 6:30am-10:30pm

    Dhoby Xchange

    11 Orchard Road, #B1-44, Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station
    Singapore 238826
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday 6:30am-9pm, Sunday 7:30am-9pm

    Dover MRT Station

    200 Commonwealth Ave West, #02-03, Dover MRT Station
    Singapore 138677
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-9:30pm, Saturday 9am-6:30pm, Sunday 9am-6:30pm

    Eastpoint Mall

    3 Simei Street 6, #01-05, Eastpoint Mall
    Singapore 528833
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6:30am-10pm, Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Eunos MRT Station

    30 Eunos Crescent, #01-04, Eunos MRT Station
    Singapore 409423
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-9:30pm, Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday 8:30am-10pm, Sunday 8:30am-9:30pm

    Fajar Shopping Centre

    Blk 445 Fajar Road, #01-540, Fajar Shopping Centre
    Singapore 670445
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-9pm

    Fusionopolis One

    1 Fusionopolis Pl, #01-06
    Singapore 138632
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-8pm

    HarbourFront Centre

    1 Maritime Square, #01-K4, HarbourFront Centre
    Singapore 099253
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6:30am-10pm, Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Hougang Mall

    90 Hougang Ave 10, #B1-13A, Hougang Mall
    Singapore 538766
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm


    78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-271
    Singapore 819666
    Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 7:30am-11:30pm, Friday-Saturday 7:30am-12:30am

    Junction 8 Shopping Centre

    9 Bishan Place, #B1-K6, Junction 8 Shopping Centre
    Singapore 579837
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Jurong East MRT Station

    10 Jurong East Street 12, #01-10, Jurong East MRT Station
    Singapore 609690
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 6am-10:30pm

    Jurong Point Shopping Centre (JP2)

    63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-11, Jurong Point Shopping Centre
    Singapore 648331
    Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 9am-10:30pm

    Kallang MRT Station

    5 Sims Avenue, #01-04, Kallang MRT Station
    Singapore 387405
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Kampung Admiralty

    Blk 676 Woodlands Drive 71, #01-13, Kampung Admiralty
    Singapore 730676
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

    90 Yishun Central, #01-08, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
    Singapore 768828
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-8:30pm, Saturday 6:30am-8pm, Sunday 7:30am-8pm

    KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital

    100 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital
    Singapore 229899
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-9pm

    Kovan Heartland Mall

    Blk 205 Hougang Street 21, #01-07, Heartland Mall Kovan
    Singapore 530205
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Lakeside MRT Station

    201 Boon Lay Way, #01-02, Lakeside MRT Station
    Singapore 649845
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6am-10:30pm, Sunday 6:30am-10:30pm

    Nanyang Technological University

    50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine Plaza, NTU, NS3-01-16
    Singapore 639798
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-7:30pm, Saturday 7:30am-5:30pm / (School Holidays till 18 Aug 2019 – Closed)

    National Centre For Infectious Disease

    16 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, #B1-05, National Centre for Infectious Disease
    Singapore 308442
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-6pm


    930 Yishun Ave 2, #01-05, Northpoint Shopping Centre
    Singapore 769098
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6am-10:30pm, Sunday 7:30am-10:30pm

    Northpoint City

    1 Northpoint Drive, #B2-130, Northpoint City
    Singapore 768019
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm


    5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #01-12 (Provisional) East Wing, Main Building National University Building
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-9:30pm

    One North MRT Station

    9 Ayer Rajar Avenue, #B2-02, One North MRT Station
    Singapore 138647
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-8pm

    Our Tampines Hub

    1 Tampines Walk, #01-83, Our Tampines Hub
    Singapore 529684
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm

    Pasir Ris MRT Station

    10 Pasir Ris Central, #01-01, Pasir Ris MRT Station
    Singapore 519634
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Paya Lebar MRT Station

    30 Paya Lebar Road, #01-09, Paya Lebar MRT Station
    Singapore 409006
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-9:30pm

    Pioneer Polyclinic

    26 Jurong West Street 61
    Singapore 648201
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-6pm, Saturday 6:30am-12noon

    Poiz Centre

    51 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-08, Poiz Centre
    Singapore 347697
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Queenstown MRT Station

    301 Commonwealth Avenue, #02-05, Queenstown MRT Station
    Singapore 149729
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday 6:30am-10pm, Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    Raffles Place MRT Station

    5 Raffles Place, #B1-10, Raffles Place MRT Station
    Singapore 048618
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday 6:30am-10pm, Sunday 9am-6:30pm

    Redhill MRT Station

    920 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-09, Redhill MRT Station
    Singapore 158792
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Republic Plaza

    9 Raffles Place, #B1-08A, Republic Plaza
    Singapore 048619

    Rivervale Plaza

    Rivervale Plaza
    Blk 118 Rivervale Drive, #01-01, Rivervale Plaza
    Singapore 540118
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Sengkang General Hospital

    110 Sengkang East Way, #01-05, Sengkang General Hospital
    Singapore 544886
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-10pm, Sunday 7am-8:30pm


    60 Siloso Beach Walk, #01-02
    Singapore 098997
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-8pm

    Singapore General Hospital

    Outram Road, Block 4, Level 1, Singapore General Hospital
    Singapore 169608
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-8pm

    Singapore Management University (SMU)

    90 Stamford Road, #01-72, School of Economics & Social Science Building
    Singapore 178903
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-8:30pm, Saturday 7:30am-4:30pm / (School Holidays till 18 Aug 2019 – Closed)

    Square 2 Shopping Centre

    10 Sinaran Drive, #01-21, Square 2
    Singapore 307506
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    Sun Plaza

    30 Sembawang Drive, #B1-28, Sun Plaza
    Singapore 757713
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6am-10:30pm, Sunday 7:30am-10:30pm

    Tampines Mall

    4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-K11, Tampines Mall
    Singapore 529510
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-10pm

    Tampines Mart

    9 Tampines Street 32, #01-35, Tampines Mart
    Singapore 529286
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-9:30pm

    Tampines MRT Station

    20 Tampines Central 1, #01-23, Tampines MRT Station
    Singapore 529538
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6:30am-10:30pm, Sunday 7am-8:30pm

    Tanjong Pagar MRT Station

    Tanjong Pagar MRT Station
    120 Maxwell Road, #B1-18, Tanjong Pagar MRT Station
    Singapore 069119
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

    Tan Tock Seng Hospital

    11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, #01-11, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    Singapore 308433
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    The Metropolis

    9 North Buona Vista Drive, #01-09, The Metropolis
    Singapore 138588
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

    Toa Payoh Hub

    500 Toa Payoh Lor 6, #01-35, Toa Payoh Hub
    Singapore 310500
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-8:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-10pm

    V Hotel

    70 Jellicoe Road, #01-16, V Hotel – Lavender
    Singapore 208767
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm


    1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-K9, VivoCity
    Singapore 098585
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8:30am-10pm

    Waterway Point

    83 Punggol Central, #01-K1, Waterway Point
    Singapore 828761
    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-10pm, Sunday 7:30am-10pm

    West Mall

    1 Bukit Batok Central Link, #01-07A, West Mall
    Singapore 658713
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm

    Wisma Atria

    435 Orchard Road, #B1-58, Wisma Atria
    Singapore 238877
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm

    Yew Tee Point

    21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, #01-52/53, Yew Tee Point
    Singapore 689578
    Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 6:30am-10pm

    Yishun Polyclinic

    2 Yishun Avenue 9, #01-01, Yishun Polyclinic
    Singapore 768898
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-6pm, Saturday 7:30am-12noon

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mr Bean

    How long can I keep Mr Bean soya milk?

    At Least 10 days.

    Is Mr Bean halal in Singapore?

    Yes, Mr Bean is Halal-Certified.

    Can soya bean curd be kept overnight?

    The product can last for 3 days when you stored in the fridge within 2 hours after purchase. Best to consume within 2 hours when keep in room temperature!

    How do you keep curd from spoiling?

    First, it can be placed in cold water. Second, honey can also be used to preserve curd. Add one or two teaspoons of honey to the curd and mix thoroughly.

    What is Mr Bean pancake made of?

    Mr. Bean pancake is comprised of soya flour and premium wheat flour, which gives it its moist and airy texture, and is loaded with SOY filling that is absolutely irresistible.

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