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    Sushi Tei Menu Prices & Singapore Outlets 2024

    Look no further than Sushi Tei if you’re searching for a restaurant to go to with friends, family, or your significant other! They take great pride in offering the best Japanese food in Singapore’s towns. With Sushi Tei, you’ll have the chance to experience Singapore’s most popular and well-known Japanese eatery.

    You’ll discover why Sushi Tei is so well-liked; Singapore offers a wealth of activities and sights, making it the ideal destination for anyone seeking adventure. In Sushi Tei, which serves simple and inventive meals, you’ll experience the best flavors of Japan.

    Sushi Tei Singapore delivers a variety of sushi that is freshly made with creative pairings. The restaurant offers a selection of rolls, maki, nigiri, and sushi maki.

    About Sushi Tei

    Sushi Tei is a Japanese restaurant that offers expert culinary skills and a natural love of food. Since its debut in 1994, they have gained strong recognition for its distinctiveness by fusing the complexities of sashimi with teppanyaki to offer the best Japanese cuisine to the general public.

    Sushi Tei menu offers a blend of traditional Japanese foods with cutting-edge modern trends, illuminating Asia’s growing effect on contemporary Japanese cuisine. You can be confident that you will have an authentic Japanese dining experience thanks to the always-changing selection of appetizers, entrées, and sushi specials.

    They frequently introduce seasonal topics to entice their consumers’ taste buds. Some of these feature seasonal items for Japan (summer, fall, winter, spring) and specialty items from Hokkaido, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and many more places.

    This chain of Japanese restaurants currently operates in more than 81 locations throughout nine different countries, including Australia, Singapore, Brunei, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

    Sushi Tei Menu with Prices (Updated April 2024)


    Coke S$3.10
    Coke Zero Sugar S$3.10
    Sprite S$3.10
    Ice Lemon Tea S$3.10
    Qoo White Grape S$3.10


    Orange Jelly S$4.70
    Grape Jelly S$4.70
    Mixed Fruits Jelly S$4.70
    Peach Jelly S$4.70

    Don and Rice



    Katsu with Soup Noodles Choice of chicken cutlet or pork cutletS$17.10
    Katsu Curry Noodles Choice of chicken cutlet or pork cutletS$20.60
    Katsu with Zaru Noodle Choice of chicken cutlet or pork cutletS$17.10
    Niku Soup noodles with sliced beefS$15.90
    Chicken Curry Soup noodles with curry and chickenS$15.00
    Kitsune Soup noodles with sweet beancurdS$12.70
    Tempura Soup noodles with tempuraS$16.20
    Kakiage Soup noodles with shrimp and vegetables tempuraS$15.00
    Tonkotsu Noodles Pork base soup with noodlesS$10.60
    Chasyu Ramen Ramen with sliced roasted pork, pork base and soyS$15.90
    Udon/Soba S$10.60
    Spicy Miso Udon/Soba/Ramen S$10.60
    Hotate Tamago Toji Soup noodles with scallop and eggS$15.00
    Kaisen Ramen Assorted seafood ramen, pork base and soyS$19.40
    Asari Tamago Toji Soup noodles with Asari clam and eggS$15.90
    Chicken Tamago Toji Soup noodles with chicken and eggS$13.90
    Shoyu Tonkotsu Pork and soy sauce base soup noodlesS$11.50
    Tan Tan Ramen Sichuan style spicy noodleS$13.90
    Nameko Soup noodles with mushroomS$12.70
    Sansai Soup noodles with edible wild plantsS$12.70
    Onsen Tamago Soup noodles with half boiled hot spring eggS$12.70
    Karaage Zaru Cold noodles with fried chickenS$13.90
    Tenzaru Cold noodles with tempuraS$16.20
    Nabeyaki Udon Egg noodles with prawn tempura, chicken, egg and spring onionS$13.90
    Tempura Curry Soup noodles with curry and tempuraS$20.00
    Karaage Soup noodles with fried chickenS$13.90
    Yaki Pan-fried noodles with chickenS$12.70
    Zaru Noodles Cold noodlesS$10.60


    Ebi Tempura 5 Pcs, prawn tempuraS$12.70
    Tempura Moriawase 6 Pcs, tempura assortmentS$12.70
    Yasai Tempura 8 Pcs, vegetable tempuraS$10.40
    Ebi and Yasai Tempura Shrimp and vegetable tempuraS$7.10
    Kisu Tempura 5 Pcs, Japanese whiting fish tempuraS$11.50
    Hanasaki Ika Tempura Squid with Smelt Roe TempuraS$7.40




    Umaki Eel omelette. Eel may contain small bonesS$13.90
    Dashimaki Tamago OmeletteS$7.40
    Unagi Kabayaki Grilled premium eel. Eel may contain small bonesS$31.50
    Yasai Itame Pan-fried assorted vegetablesS$7.40
    Asari Butter Asari clam sauteed with butter and soy sauceS$17.40
    Salmon Enoki Roll Salmon with golden mushroomS$9.40
    Gyuniku Roll Beef with golden mushroomS$12.70
    Homemade Meat Gyoza Homemade chicken and pork dumplingS$7.40
    Homemade Ebi Gyoza Prawn dumplingS$7.40


    Yasai Miso Soup Assorted vegetable miso soupS$7.40
    Salmon Belly Miso Soup S$10.40
    Miso Soup S$3.10
    Asari Sakamushi Asari clam with Japanese sakeS$16.00
    Asari Miso Soup Asari clam with miso soupS$12.70
    Nameko Miso Soup Mushroom miso soupS$7.40


    Ebikko Tempura Maki 6 Pcs, fried prawn with smelt roeS$7.40
    Tamago Maki 6 Pcs, omeletteS$2.70
    Ebi Tempura Maki 4 Pcs, fried prawnS$5.70
    Unatama Tobikko Maki 6 Pcs, eel, omelette and cucumber with flying fish roe. Eel may contain small bonesS$8.10
    Unakyu Maki 6 Pcs, eel and cucumber. Eel may contain small bonesS$7.40
    Baked Salmon Maki 6 PcsS$4.70
    Ebikko Avocado Maki 6 Pcs, avocado and cucumber with smelt roeS$4.70
    Kani Tamago Maki 6 Pcs, crab meat and mayonnaiseS$3.70
    Ebiten Floss Maki 6 Pcs, fried prawn with fish flossS$6.40
    Ebi Avocado Ebikko Maki 6 Pcs, cucumber, prawn and avocado with smelt roeS$7.40
    Kanikama Maki 6 Pcs, crab meatS$3.70
    Kappa Maki 6 Pcs, cucumberS$2.70
    Mini California Maki 6 Pcs, avocado, cucumber, crab meat and omelette with smelt roeS$7.40
    Kani Tempura Floss Maki 6 Pcs, fried crab meat with fish flossS$6.40
    Spicy Tuna Salad Tobikko Maki 6 Pcs, spicy tuna salad tobikko makiS$6.40
    Salmon Maki 6 PcsS$3.70
    Spicy Salmon Maki 6 PcsS$4.70
    Salmon Avocado Maki 6 PcsS$5.70
    Tekka Maki 6 Pcs, Bluefin tunaS$6.40
    Spicy Maguro Maki 6 PcsS$7.40
    Negitoro Maki 6 Pcs, minced raw tuna and spring onionS$6.40
    Kanpyo Maki 6 Pcs, dry gourdS$2.70
    Oshinko Maki 6 Pcs, pickled radishS$2.70
    Soft Shell Crab Maki (6 Pcs) Soft Shell Crab with Flying Fish RoeS$8.20

    Gunkan Sushi

    Kizami Unagi Sushi 2 Pcs, chopped eel. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$6.40
    Tobikko Sushi 2 Pcs, flying fish roeS$4.70
    Ikura Sushi 2 Pcs, salmon roeS$6.40
    Black Caviar Sushi 2 PcsS$3.70
    Kani Corn Sushi 2 Pcs, crab meat and cornS$2.70
    Salmon Salad Sushi 2 PcsS$4.70
    Tuna Salad Sushi 2 PcsS$3.70
    Ebikko Sushi 2 Pcs, smelt roeS$2.70
    Chuka Chinmi Sushi 2 Pcs, scallopS$4.70
    Chuka Kurage Sushi 2 Pcs, jellyfishS$4.70
    Chuka Wakame Sushi 2 Pcs, seaweedS$4.70
    Hanasaki Ika Sushi 2 Pcs, squid with smelt roS$4.70
    Spicy Hotate Sushi 2 Pcs, spicy scallopS$4.70
    Chuka Iidako Sushi 2 Pcs, baby octopusS$4.70
    Lobster Salad Sushi 2 PcsS$6.40
    Negitoro Sushi 2 Pcs, minced tuna and spring onionS$6.40
    Salmon Ikura Sushi 2 Pcs, salmon and salmon roeS$5.70
    Wasabi Tobikko Sushi 2 Pcs, wasabi flying fish roeS$4.70

    Sushi Moriawase

    S1. Asagao Salmon sushi and kappa makiS$9.50
    S2. Kaneshon Salmon sushi and maguro sushiS$19.20
    S3. Himawari Mini California maki, kappa maki and tamago makiS$11.80
    S4. Yuri Salmon sushi and salmon mentai sushiS$21.00
    S5. Kiku Tamago sushi, inari sushi, kappa maki and kanikama makiS$11.00
    M1. Tsubaki Salmon sushi, mini California maki and ebikko avocado makiS$22.00
    M2. Shobu Salmon and aburi salmon belly sushiS$26.80
    M3. Akaibara Ikura sushi, baked salmon maki and spicy tuna mayo makiS$22.20
    M4. Kikyo Salmon sushi, jo unagi sushi, ebi sushi and mini California maki. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$21.40
    M5. Rabenda Salmon sushi, salmon mentai sushi, ebi sushi and ebi mentai sushiS$21.20
    L1. Suiren Salmon sushi, aburi salmon belly sushi, jo unagi sushi, ebi sushi, tamago sushi and inari sushi. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$24.80
    L2. Ajisai Salmon sushi, maguro sushi, jo unagi sushi, ikura sushi, ebi sushi and tobikko sushi. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$33.00

    Nigiri Sushi

    Jo Unagi Sushi 2 Pcs, premium eel. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$8.10
    Tako Sushi 2 Pcs, octopusS$3.70
    Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi 2 Pcs, Torched salmon with mentai mayo.S$7.40
    Ebi Sushi 2 Pcs, cooked prawnS$3.70
    Inari Sushi 2 Pcs, sweet beancurdS$2.70
    Kanikama Sushi 2 Pcs, crab meatS$3.70
    Tamago Sushi 2 Pcs, omeletteS$2.70
    Una Tama Sushi 2 Pcs, premium eel and omelette. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$9.40
    Inari Salmon Salad Sushi 2 Pcs, sweet beancurd with salmon saladS$5.70
    Inari Tuna Mayo Sushi 2 Pcs, sweet beancurd with tuna saladS$4.70
    Aburi Ebi Mentai Sushi 2 Pcs, cooked prawn with cod roeS$7.40
    Inari Lobster Salad Sushi 2 Pcs, sweet beancurd with lobster saladS$7.40
    Hokkigai Sushi 2 Pcs, surf clamS$3.70
    Tsubugai Sushi 2 Pcs, whelk clamS$3.70
    Ni Hotate Sushi 2 Pcs, boiled scallopS$4.70
    Salmon Sushi 2 PcsS$3.70
    Salmon Belly Sushi 2 PcsS$4.70
    Mekajiki Sushi 2 Pcs, swordfishS$5.70
    Nama Hotate Sushi 2 Pcs, raw scallopS$5.70
    Hon Maguro Sushi 2 Pcs, bluefin tunaS$6.40
    Aburi Salmon Belly Sushi 2 Pcs, half broiled salmon bellyS$5.70
    Aburi Mekajiki Sushi 2 Pcs, half broiled swordfishS$5.70
    Aburi Ika Sushi 2 Pcs, half broiled squidS$2.70
    Aburi Nama Hotate Sushi 2 Pcs, half broiled raw scallopS$5.70
    Hamachi Sushi 2 Pcs, yellow tailS$6.40
    Amaebi Sushi 2 Pcs, sweet shrimpS$4.70
    Ebi Tempura Sushi 2 Pcs, fried prawnS$6.40
    Unagi Sushi 2 Pcs, eel. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$6.40
    Kaki Fried Sushi 2 Pcs, deep-fried oysterS$5.70
    Aburi Hamachi Sushi 2 Pcs, half broiled yellow tailS$6.40




    Seafood Salad S$12.90
    Wakame Salad Seaweed and fresh vegetablesS$9.30
    Kani Avocado Salad Crab meat, avocado and fresh vegetablesS$11.70
    Yakiniku Salad Pan-fried beef with onion and fresh vegetablesS$12.90
    Kagoshima Pork Salad Pan-fried Japanese pork with onion and fresh vegetablesS$12.90
    Corn Salad Corn and vegetablesS$9.30
    Tokusen Salad Assorted raw fish, salmon roe and fresh vegetablesS$18.70
    Sashimi Salad Raw fish and fresh vegetablesS$11.70


    Edamame Japanese green beanS$5.70
    Chuka Iidako Baby octopusS$6.40
    Hanasaki Ika Squid and smelt roeS$6.40
    Chuka Chinmi ScallopS$6.40
    Spicy Hotate Spicy ScallopS$6.40
    Chuka Kurage JellyfishS$6.40
    Chuka Wakame SeaweedS$6.40
    Ikura Shoyuzuke Salmon roeS$9.70
    Tako Wasabi Octopus with wasabiS$6.40
    Lobster Salad S$9.20
    Sushi Gari Pickled gingerS$1.20

    Special Roll

    Golden Roll 6 Pcs, king prawn sushi roll topped with mangoS$19.80
    Dragon Roll 6 Pcs, king prawn sushi roll topped with avocadoS$17.40
    Double Unagi Roll 6 Pcs, eel, mango and cucumber sushi roll. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$17.10
    Spicy Aburi Maguro and Salmon Roll 6 Pcs, avocado and cucumber sushi roll, topped with half broiled bluefin tuna and salmonS$17.10
    Mini Golden Roll 4 Pcs, king prawn sushi roll topped with mangoS$13.90
    Mini Dragon Roll 4 Pcs, king prawn sushi roll topped with avocadoS$11.50
    Kani Mentai Mayo Roll 6 Pcs, deep-fried crab meat sushi roll, topped with mentai mayoS$11.10
    Special Unagi Roll 6 Pcs, omelette and cucumber sushi roll, topped with eel. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$27.00
    Special Mini Unagi Roll 4 Pcs, omelette and cucumber sushi roll, topped with eel. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$19.80
    Aburi Salmon Roll 6 Pcs, crab meat, avocado and omelette sushi roll, topped with half broiled salmonS$15.90
    Dai Dai Roll 6 Pcs, crab meat, salmon and mango sushi rollS$15.90
    Rainbow Roll 6 Pcs, eel, avocado and cucumber sushi roll topped with yellow-tail, bluefin tuna, salmon, prawn and squid. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$16.20
    Lobster Salad Roll 4 Pcs, crab meat and cucumber sushi roll, topped with lobster saladS$12.70
    Kaki Mentai Mayo Roll 4 Pcs, deep-fried oyster sushi roll topped with mentai mayoS$11.50

    House Special

    Kagoshima Pork Katsu Japanese pork cutletS$15.00
    Kagoshima Pork Belly Don Pan-fried Japanese pork belly with sweet sauce on riceS$12.40
    Kagoshima Pork Katsu Curry Rice Japanese pork cutlet on curry riceS$20.60
    Kagoshima Pork Katsu Don Japanese pork cutlet and egg on riceS$17.10
    Kagoshima Pork Sanshoku Veggie Roll Japanese pork with golden mushroom, carrot and bell pepperS$11.50

    Bento Sets

    Teriyaki Chicken Bento Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce on Steamed RiceS$10.60
    Buta Belly Bento Pan Fried Japanese Pork Belly with Sweet Soy on Steamed RiceS$14.10
    Kaisen Tempura Bento Assorted Tempura on Steamed Rice. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$15.30
    Tori Karaage Bento Fried Chicken on Steamed RiceS$11.20
    Yakiniku Bento Pan Fried Japanese Beef on Steamed RiceS$16.50
    Unagi Bento Premium Eel on Steamed Rice. Caution: Eel may contain small bonesS$18.90

    Festive Indulgence

    Maguro Trio Temari Tuna Belly, Semi-fatty Tuna Belly & Tuna SushiS$16.20
    Fuyu Bara Don Assorted Sashimi with Spicy Sauce & Eel topped with Crab Flake on Sushi Rice (Caution: Eel may contain small bones.)S$23.30
    Hokkigai Salad Surf Clam SaladS$10.40
    Salmon Tataki Seared Salmon with Homemade Yuzu SauceS$12.70
    Chutoro Sashimi Semi-fatty Tuna Belly SashimiS$18.60
    Fuyu Matsuri Fried Platter Shiitake, Golden Mushroom, Shrimp, Red Tail Fish, Corn with Truffle Tartar SauceS$16.20
    Fuyu Ebi Tempura Roll Crab Stick and Cucumber Sushi Roll topped with Tartar Sauce-coated Deep-fried ShrimpS$15.10
    Premium Truffle Snow Wagyu Sushi Roll Seared A5 Wagyu Sushi Roll topped with Truffle Slice, Black Caviar & Special SauceS$25.70
    A5 Snow Wagyu Don Pan-fried A5 Sakura Snow Beef Wagyu Striploin on Steamed RiceS$35.10
    Marumi Pork Goma Nabe Marumi Pork Hotpot with Sesame-based SoupS$13.90


    Sushi Tei Signature Dishes

    Sushi Tei restaurants serve a wide variety of Japanese food. You are rather impressed by the selection available, which provides diners with a range of options – sushi, sashimi, ramen, donburi, tempura, grilled selection, etc. It is an excellent place for group dining, such as a get-together. Sushi Tei has a good and tasty menu that can satisfy your taste buds.

    Sashimi salad with sushi Tei sauce

    Sushi Tei Sashimi salad with sushi Tei sauce
    Credits: Instagram @sushiteisg

    The sashimi salad is one of the most popular dishes from Sushi Tei, balancing a healthy salad and a bowl of bara chirashi without the carbs. Drizzle the appetizing Sushi Tei sauce, that spells of a tangy and refreshing taste, pure heaven awaits. The sushi tei sauce is a must order if you order the sashimi salad.

    Mini Donburi

    Sushi Tei Mini Donburi
    Credits: Instagram @sushiteisg

    Mini donburi dishes are a popular choice at Sushi Tei and are a convenient and satisfying option for a quick meal. Mini donburi is served with a small portion of rice, topped with your choice of protein or vegetables. If you are adventurous to try “everything in the menu” without breaking the bank, mini dons are awesome and the variety is sure to fill your tummy.

    Golden Roll

    Sushi Tei Golden Roll
    Credits: Instagram @sushiteisg

    This is a well-liked option for any time of the day. Sushi combos are Sushi Tei’s fruity, sweet Golden Roll. The crispy tempura-fried king prawn sushi roll had a subtle acidity to balance its overall sweetness and was topped with crunchy fish roe and thinly sliced ripe mangoes. Golden rolls are a popular choice at sushi restaurants and are often served as an appetizer.

    Sushi Tei Delivery

    Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

    Sushi Tei Outlets, Locations, Opening Hours & Contact Numbers

    Below are the locations of Sushi Tei Outlets in Singapore and their website.

    Sushi Tei Changi Jewel

    78 Airport Boulevard,#03-209, Jewel Changi Airport,
    Singapore 819666
    Contact No: 62431633
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Holland Village

    118 Holland Avenue, #03-04, Raffles Holland V,
    Singapore 278997
    Contact No: 66940112
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei JEM

    50 Jurong Gateway Road,#03-18, JEM,
    Singapore 608549
    Contact No: 66844013
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei NEX

    23 Serangoon Central, #03-15/16, NEX,
    Singapore 556083
    Contact No: 66347717
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei North Point

    930 Yishun Ave 2 #02-15, Northpoint City,
    Singapore 768019
    Contact No: 62572822
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Paragon

    290 Orchard Road, #05-04/05, Paragon,
    Singapore 238859
    Contact No: 62351771
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Raffles City

    252 North Bridge Road, #03-13/14, Raffles City Shopping Centre,
    Singapore 179103
    Contact No: 63347887
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Serangoon Gardens

    64/64A Serangoon Garden Way,
    Singapore 555960
    Contact No: 62837117
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Tampines 1

    10 Tampines Central 1, #04-13, Tampines 1,
    Singapore 529536
    Contact No: 67847877
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Thomson Plaza

    301 Upper Thomson Road, #03-48, Thomson Plaza,
    Singapore 574408
    Contact No: 64576678
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Tiong Bahru Plaza

    302 Tiong Bahru Road, #03-110, Tiong Bahru Plaza,
    Singapore 168732.
    Contact No: 62525566
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei Vivo City

    1 Harbour Front Walk, #02-152, VivoCity,
    Singapore 098585
    Contact No: 63769591
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Sushi Tei West Coast Plaza

    154 West Coast Road, #01-87, West Coast Plaza,
    Singapore 127371
    Contact No: 67750012
    Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sushi Tei

    Is Sushi Tei halal?

    Yes, Sushi Tei is halal certified.

    Who owns Sushi Tei Singapore?

    Boga Group owns the Sushi Tei restaurant chain businesses.

    Is Sushi Tei vegetarian?

    Sushi Tei Debuts Vegetarian-Friendly, Meat-Free Japanese Food. Community Community
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