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    Latest Tsui Wah Menu Prices & Outlets 2024

    Prepare to embark on a culinary journey to Hong Kong as you step into Tsui Wah, the epitome of authentic Hong Kong cuisine in the heart of Singapore. With a storied history that spans over half a century, Tsui Wah has become an iconic brand renowned for its delectable food, nostalgic ambiance, and unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. From classic Hong Kong-style milk tea to mouthwatering pineapple buns and signature dishes like the heavenly crispy bun with condensed milk, Tsui Wah is a haven for food lovers seeking an unforgettable taste of Hong Kong.

    About Tsui Wah

    Tsui Wah has a rich and storied history that dates back to its humble beginnings in Hong Kong in 1967. Founded by a passionate group of individuals, the brand started as a modest café serving simple, yet delicious, dishes to locals and visitors alike. Over the years, Tsui Wah’s commitment to quality and authenticity propelled it to become one of the most iconic names in Hong Kong’s culinary scene.

    Driven by a desire to preserve Hong Kong’s culinary heritage, Tsui Wah meticulously crafted its menu to showcase the flavors and essence of traditional Hong Kong cuisine. Each dish is a testament to the brand’s dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and using authentic recipes passed down through generations. As Tsui Wah’s reputation grew, so did its reach. The brand expanded beyond Hong Kong and ventured into other parts of Asia, including Singapore, where it continues to captivate diners with its authentic flavors and nostalgic ambiance. Tsui Wah’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, ensuring that each visit is a journey back in time to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong.

    Tsui Wah Must Trys

    Tsui Wah Menu

    Tsui Wah Menu

    Tsui Wah Menu With Prices

    Signature Dishes

    Crispy bun with condensed milkS$ 4.70
    Lamb chop curry with steamed riceS$ 34.00
    Chicken wings with sweet soy sauceS$ 12.40
    Tsui Wah signature pork chop bunS$ 10.00
    Beef brisket curry with steamed riceS$ 17.80
    Kagoshima-Style braised pork cartilage with tossed instant noodlesS$ 12.50
    Jumbo hot dogS$ 7.80
    Hot milk teaS$ 4.20

    Sizzling Plate Set

    Lamb chop on a sizzling plate (Red Wine Gravy)S$ 37.70
    Grilled king prawn & chicken steak on a sizzling plate (Red Wine Gravy)S$ 29.80
    Grilled Lyon-style pork chop on sizzling Pplate (Onion Sauce)S$ 24.80
    Mixed Ggrills on a sizzling plate (Red Wine Gravy)S$ 29.80

    Soups & Vegetables

    Homemade fish soup with radishS$ 7.80
    Broccoli served with abalone sauceS$ 8.80
    Kangkong served with chili and preserved beancurdS$ 7.80
    Amaranth in fish soupS$ 10.00
    Shiitake mushroom and broccoli in abalone sauceS$ 11.20
    Chinese soup of the dayS$ 5.80
    BorschtS$ 7.80

    Curry Series

    Assorted vegetables and egg curry with steamed riceS$ 13.00
    Assorted vegetables and prawns curry with steamed riceS$ 18.80
    Chicken curry with steamed riceS$ 15.50
    Pork cutlet curry with steamed riceS$ 16.50

    Noodle Expert

    King prawns in mala soup with mixianS$ 13.80
    King prawns in mala soup with tossed mixianS$ 15.80
    Sliced chicken in mala soup with mixianS$ 11.20
    Kagoshima-Style braised pork cartilage in fish soup with mixianS$ 11.20
    Wontons with shrimp roe in fish soup with noodlesS$ 11.20
    Satay beef brisket and tendon in soup with noodlesS$ 13.60
    Vegetables in XO sauce with tossed noodlesS$ 19.50
    King prawns in XO sauce with tossed noodlesS$ 15.80
    Kagoshima – Style braised pork cartilage & wontons in fish soup with mixianS$ 12.40

    Sizzling Plate Noodles

    Stir-fried instant noodles with assorted vegetables on a sizzling plateS$ 15.50
    Stir-fried instant noodles with pork chop and assorted vegetables on a sizzling plateS$ 16.50

    Hong Kong Flavour

    Spiced pork chop with green onion and eggs fried riceS$ 16.50
    Luncheon meat and sunny-side Up egg in premium soy sauce with steamed riceS$ 9.50
    Braised abalone sauce rice with diced chicken and kaleS$ 17.80
    BBQ pork and scrambled egg fried riceS$ 16.50
    Scrambled egg with shrimp fried riceS$ 16.50
    Scrambled egg with shrimpsS$ 15.40
    Sweet and sour pineapple, prawns and hawthornS$ 18.90
    Sour and sweet PorkS$ 17.00

    Cantonese Sides

    Mala prawnsS$ 14.20
    Deep-fried wontons – six pcsS$ 7.70
    Kagoshima-Style braised pork cartilageS$ 13.00
    Satay beef brisket and tendonS$ 16.50
    Wontons with shrimp roe in fish soupS$ 11.20

    Sandwiches And Snacks

    Roti breadS$ 2.95
    Scrambled Egg SandwichesS$ 5.90
    Luncheon meat and scrambled egg sandwichesS$ 7.20
    Luncheon meat friesS$ 8.80
    French friesS$ 5.90
    Deep fried chicken wings – two pcsS$ 8.30


    Tea with condensed milk (Hot)S$ 4.20
    Coffee with condensed milk (Hot)S$ 4.20
    Signature coffeeS$ 4.20
    Milk teaS$ 4.20
    Yuen Yeung – Coffee & TeaS$ 4.20
    Bottled Yuen YeungS$ 5.50
    Bottled coffee (300ml)S$ 5.50
    Bottled milk tea (300ml)S$ 5.50

    Specialty Drinks

    Almond milk with egg white (Hot)S$ 8.30
    Grass jelly in coconut milkS$ 7.00
    OvaltineS$ 4.20
    HorlicksS$ 4.20
    Barley with LemonS$ 5.90
    Honey Lemon WaterS$ 4.70
    Lemon TeaS$ 5.30

    Tsui Wah Delivery

    Feeling hungry? Don’t wait! Satisfy your cravings and get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. Place your order now!

    Tsui Wah Outlets, Locations & Opening Hours Singapore

    These are their locations in Singapore and their website.

    The Heeren

    260 Orchard Road, #02-02, The Heeren
    Singapore 238855
    Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.


    50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-38, Jem 
    Singapore 608549
    Opening Hours:
    Monday – Friday: 10.30 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
    Saturday – Sunday: 8.30 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

    Jewel Changi Airport

    78 Airport Boulevard, #03-230, Jewel Changi Airport
    Singapore 819666
    Opening Hours:
    Monday – Friday: 9.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
    Saturday – Sunday: 8.30 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

    Is Tsui Wah Singapore A Halal Restaurant?

    No, it is not a halal restaurant as pork and alcohol are served there.

    Do they offer delivery services?

    Yes, they do offer island-wide delivery options through food delivery partners.

    Is reservation required?

    No, currently no reservation is required.

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